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Council President Pro Tem
Monica Montgomery Steppe (District 4)

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Monica Montgomery Steppe. An important member of the ACLU. An activist for human rights. This is her story

Monica Montgomery was born in 1978 to Clifford and Patricia Montgomery in San Diego. Ever since she was young, she was an activist for rights. In Bonita Vita High School, the High School she attended, she “Fought with school officials over a ban on wearing bandannas that she felt unfairly targeted the three percent of students who were Black." Later, she attended Spelman College where she got a Bachelor's Degree in science.


During Councilmember Todd Gloria's interim mayorship, Montgomery worked for Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Councilmember Myrtle Cole in San Diego City Hall. She later quit after Myrtle Cole arguing racial profiling was justified. She’s then grew to a high position in the ACLU.

The ACLU is the American Civil Liberties Union. Their goal? To bring freedom and rights to communities of minorities and other discriminated peoples. They do this with parades, protests, and other ways to get public attention on these matters. Monica Montgomery Steppe is an important figure of this, writing several ACLU-praising articles, and supporting several civil rights protests. Since foundation, the ACLU has protected many civil liberties, most recently being abortion rights in court cases. The ACLU also started and supported several protests based on the abortion rights.

Now as the Council President Pro Tem, Monica is dedicated to developing and strengthening the city of San Diego as a whole, as well as the residents in the Fourth Council District, using a combination of expertise and passion. Politically, “Monica strongly advocates for equitable practices in government, including better economic opportunities for people of color and better relationships between community members and police officers.” She believes that the  Fourth Council District's neighborhoods are thriving and deserving of support. She also works as a chair of the Committee on Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods and the Committee on Budget & Government Efficiency and Active Transportation and Infrastructure.




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