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Archie Moore



Stone placed at the ABC Foundation 3131 Market St, San Diego, CA 92102

Listen to the audio tracks or read below to learn more about Archie Moore and the ABC Foundation 


Boxers are only seen for what they can do in the ring and their personal lives and problems are left for them to deal with on their own. When athletes face racism outside of the ring, they have to deal with it themselves and it’s unfair. Archie Moore was an African-American boxer who deserves to be honored in San Diego because he’s one of the greats and prevailed in a time that was very dangerous for African-Americans. He started his career in San Diego and that’s why his story stone is placed here. 


The Coliseum Athletic Club is a local boxing landmark in the East Village that hit its prime in between 1920-1930. The Coliseum could hold at most 3,500 people and the audience had to sit in cheap plastic chairs. Some of the boxing legends that got  their start at the Coliseum were James J. Braddock, who fought Dynamite Jackson there on September 30, 1932. Archie Moore started his boxing career in 1935 at the Coliseum and lived in San Diego from the 1960’s until he died in 1998.He is a known person in San Diego and in the boxing community. For being one of the world lightweight championship holders and most of his matches were by knockouts he had “229 matches 191 of them were wins and 141 of those wins were by knockout”. “For many years he was avoided by middleweight and light-heavyweight boxers saying he was too formidable”. Ariche Moore even fought Muhamahad Ali he lost but also trained with him.


Archie Moore, an American boxer was born on December 13th, 1913. He was known as the world's light-heavyweight champion of boxing in 1952 when he beat Joey Maxim in the 15th round. In a single year he had 229 bouts, winning 194 (of which 141 were by knockouts). 10 years later he lost recognition as the world's light-heavyweight champion to Harold johnson. In the late 1950s He turned into a film actor while also being a boxer. Some movies that he was cast in are “The Greatest '', and “When We Were kings' '.  In the 1960s he made his own autobiography. And in the 1990s he ran a youth organization focusing on helping the youth get on the right path.


Moore had to retire because of stomach ulcers, but came back in 1942. Amazingly, he won his first six bouts coming back that year. In 1943  he fought in 7 more bouts, winning 5 of them. In 1944, he had 9 bouts,winning 7. Then in 1946, he went 5-2-1. In 1949, he had 13 bouts, winning 12–1. In 1951, Moore boxed 18 times going 16-1-1.  In his entire fighting career, he fought 220, winning 186 and lost 23. 


Something important to know about Archie Moore is that he was more than a boxer; he was a visionary who predicted a violent drug and gang epidemic that would trouble our nation. He proposed a simple solution: prevention. With this idea in mind, the Any Boy Can Youth Foundation was formed (later renamed Any Body Can Youth Foundation).Something important to know about ABC is that they help young kids get their lives together and stay off the street. ABC youth leads kids on a good path and keeps them away from drugs. ABC Youth Foundation was started by boxing Legend Archie Moore in 1957. 


Ways that Sports Heroes have impacted America is how they have inspired different people from different backgrounds. They push people to do something with their lives and be successful. People look up to their sporting heroes to be models of courage, discipline, strong character, and success. Sports have contributed to racial and social integration and over history have been a "social glue" bonding the country together. ABC (Any Body Can) is a group that helps and inspires Kids to do better in life and become successful. 


Boxing is a sport loved by many and a very old one at that. Boxing as a sport has been recognized for hundreds of years, but fist fighting has been a part of human history for thousands of years. Let me break down the sport for you if you don’t know what it is already. Boxing is a sport that consists of two people that wear gloves, handwraps and other equipment designed for the sport. Those two people throw punches towards each other for a designated amount of time in a boxing ring. The rules of the sport have dated back all the way to Ancient Greece when it was considered an olympic sport in 688 BC. 


In conclusion, sport heroes are all around the country individually and in groups. They don’t have to be in any major league sports, they can be in high school sports overseas and they can still do amazing things.


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