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      JIM "MOUSE" Robb

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Listen to the audio tracks or read below to learn more about Jim "Mouse" Robb! 


      Jim Robb, also known as mouse, was a surfer who lived in San Diego for most of his life. He was born on April 23, 1933, and is known for being one of the first pro surfers. Jim Robb passed away one day before his birthday, on April 22nd, 2021, when he was 88 years old. Mouse was featured in a Beach Boys video where he surfed while balancing a girl on his shoulders. Jim lived in O.B  

He also revolutionized the surfing community, He created the SCSA ( Sunset Cliffs Surfing association) which organized events like grom fests and more. they also donates and is a big supporter to organizations like ‘Big worms CF foundation’ which supports people with cystic fibrosis.


      He also picked up trash whenever he could from local beaches and gave kids who wanted to learn how to surf and maybe never had a chance the opportunity to learn and get comfortable with the ocean.

 There are so many other fantastic things that he did which is why in the surfing community Jim ‘Mouse’ contributed and supported the community the most and revolutionized surfing in San Diego forever.


     Some important things to know about Robb “mouse” died a day before his 88th birthday and he was born on april 23 1933 in zanesville, ohio and he was the youngest of 3 children.


     Robb impacted San Diego in the surfing community by being a great role model in surfing like competing in surf competitions in the earlier surfing days in Ocean Beach but in general surfing in San Diego as well. But he also went to other surfing competitions to support the community. 

He was one of the biggest names in the san diego surfing community in the early 2000’s and when he started the sunset cliffs surfing association he became even more famous in the local community. 


     He helped the environment by cleaning trash and going to trash pickups on the beach. He helped people in the community with repairs and other volunteer work which is why he impacted San Diego so much and why O.B is the town it is today.


     Surfing started to be mainstream in 1950 but we are unaware when it started. Cave paintings from the 12th century show people riding on waves. Which makes it one of the oldest sports The first major surf contest was held all the way back in 1928 in California. Did you know Captain Cook was the first  to describe surfing in 1778? He described a surfer he saw in Hawaii when sailing.


     Surfing is a big part of San diego. San Diego is known for its ocean and beautiful beaches, but with those beaches comes surfing. The waves here are incredible for surfing that is why we have some professional surfers here. The best surfing beaches in San Diego are mostly up north. Some of the many are Cardiff reef, Elijos Beach, Solana beach, MoonLight beach, and the best of all, San Onofre beach. The most popular beach in all of San Diego to surf or any water sport is Mission beach.


     Jim Robb is important to San Diago because he helped from San Diego surfing into  what it is today. Mouse’s influence to Ocean Beach inspired people to use the frase “Mouse Would Go,” which is a reference to the fact that he would not turn down any wave and had no fear of surf the biggest ones  to his willingness to help people as a mentor, electrician, and do-whatever-it-takes volunteer. 


     In conclusion, story stones are a great way to show all of these people that don't get celebrated or just don't get known by many people. At HTMMA, we try our best to celebrate and get others to know these amazing people. We also try our best for people to remember this amazing surfer throughout their whole life and maybe get inspired to be like them.


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